Our History

This is the story of our company, Studio Illicit

... which begins long ago, in 2008.


The Music

Directors Jake, Amy and Joe spent their early years together touring in an indie punk band on the Lockjaw Records label.

Illicit Web Design in a punk band
Having toured every club, pub and toilet in the UK, spending more time on the M5 than with their own families, they swapped sweat soaked clubs, punk rock crowds and sleeping on Travelodge floors, for a life of producing music in their home town of Exeter on their own terms under the recording studio Illicit Production.

Illicit Web Design

A design agency is founded

The three amigos eventually went from recording music and designing record sleeves and websites for local artists to forming Illicit Web Design, a fully fledged web design and creative agency.

Illicit Web Design old studio

Studio 17 and McCoys Arcade

The move to McCoys

Feeling the need to branch out both physically and professionally, Illicit Web Design upped sticks and moved into a shiny new glass offices in McCoy’s Arcade. There they set up a collaborative space with local partner agencies known as Studio 17.

Studio 17 at McCoys


Studio Illicit: The Rebrand

In 2017, Illicit went full service, rebranding to Studio Illicit and reshaping their collaborative baby Studio 17 as Foundry 17.

Studio Illicit

The Expansion

Studio Illicit expanded their crew with an additional account manager, web developer and graphic designer. They continue to work on exciting new projects that are better than ever.

Which brings us up to the present day.

Thank you for reading.