Jolly's: Quenching Thirst the Cornish Way

Who are Jolly’s Drinks?

First blended back in 1896, Jolly’s Drinks holds the title of Cornwall’s original soft drinks company. Rooted deeply in Cornish heritage, Jolly’s began as a family venture, owned by the Jolly family, crafting soft drinks that have become ingrained in the culture of Cornwall.

Today, Jolly’s wear their Cornish history like a badge of honour, producing a range of soft drinks and tonics using Cornish spring water and traditional methods, ensuring consistency and quality in every small batch. Better yet, Jolly’s remains committed to using natural ingredients and keeps sustainability at the very forefront of their brand values – you won’t find anything non-recyclable!


What was their aim?

Our collaboration with Jolly’s began in 2023, prompted by their recent change in ownership and the realisation that their website no longer reflected their evolving brand identity and growing market presence. The team described it as looking dated, flat and not aligning with where the brand is now. Pair this with having a confusing and clunky shopping experience for customers, and it was time for a new website.


What did we deliver?

It didn’t take many conversations to convince us we were the right team for the job. We got excited, they got excited and that’s when we decided that we would design and develop a fully bespoke Shopify website – none of that ‘off the shelf’ nonsense.

Under the creative vision of our Director, Amy, we crafted a design that was refreshing, fruity, and modern, perfectly encapsulating the essence of Jolly’s Drinks.

Meanwhile, our Senior Developer, Adam, adeptly navigated the intricacies of a bespoke Shopify platform, ensuring seamless functionality and user experience.

But we worked with the Jolly’s team to develop their brand in more ways than one. We treat every project like our baby, and we couldn’t stop at just a new website. We supported them in finding the perfect photographer to shoot some impressive new product imagery that would take their website to the next level. We think the results speak for themselves…


The new Jolly’s Drinks website is so much more than just an e-commerce website. It offers a journey through their rich Cornish heritage, locating nearby vendors stocking their products, and exploring their trade/wholesale offerings.

So, without further ado, we invite you to quench your thirst the Cornish way by visiting their freshly built e-commerce platform, meticulously designed and developed by us.