Your 2024 Brand Refresh Checklist

As we stand on the cusp of a brand-new year, the air is buzzing with the promise of change. The prospect of a clean slate and the chance to elevate our endeavours fuels excitement, but the real question is, will you seize the opportunity? 

It can often leave us feeling a little deflated if we haven’t checked every box on our list by the end of a year, but we want to show you that a 2024 glow-up is possible. Take it from us. As a web design agency in Exeter, we’ve had two glow-ups in the past 12 years, and while we’re riding high with our current look, we’re also constantly refining whenever inspiration strikes.

Let’s explore some impactful and subtle ways you can give your brand the digital glow-up it truly deserves:


Set your brand free

If you’re sporting the brand identity you created a decade ago, it might be holding you back. Your brand’s look and feel might no longer resonate with your audience or embody your current values. But fear not, this is nothing a fresh colour palette or a logo revamp can’t handle. A bit of tough love and reflection could unveil the transformation your brand is looking for.

Need inspiration? Take a cue from Reddit, which recently unveiled a new version of its beloved alien mascot, Snoo, signalling growth and readiness for a new era. And you can do it too. 


Get with the times

If you want to bring your brand into 2024, consider starting your sustainable web design journey. With 78% of people preferring to buy from environmentally friendly brands, you could be missing out on a significant audience.

We’re not talking about turning your whole business upside down, but there are some smaller actions you can take to start making a difference. How about you begin by tackling those humongous images on your website? Yes, you.

Check out our super-easy guide on optimising your website imagery. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous and want to take it a step further, we’d love to chat and guide you in the green direction.


Review your brand guidelines

If you’re slowly shrinking into your chair right now thinking “I don’t have any brand guidelines”, now’s the perfect time to create them. Reflect on what your brand stands for in 2024 and ensure clarity for yourself, your team and your collaborators. It doesn’t have to be all aesthetics; start by answering key questions about your brand’s identity.

-Who is [brand name]

-What is your ethos?

-What makes you different? 

-If your brand could speak, what would it sound like?  

Reflecting on your brand guidelines ensures your pitches and content remain relevant or helps you discover if your brand has evolved, signalling a need for a different direction – a win-win!


Upgrade your imagery

Consider this your sign to schedule that long-overdue brand photoshoot. Fresh imagery reflecting your current identity and values is a powerful way to connect with your audience and enhance your marketing strategy. Keep your colour palette, logo, and everything else – sometimes, all it takes is a new set of visuals to give your website and social media platforms a new lease of life. 

Explore the work of some of our favourite Devon photographers – Matt Austin and Anna Rowland to name a few. You won’t be disappointed.


Launch a new product or service

Is there a demand for something your clients have been asking for, but fear has held you back? We’re here as your personal cheerleading team, encouraging you to take the leap. We firmly believe that it’s often the biggest risks we take that yield significant rewards.


Redesign your social graphics

Social media is a great place, and it’s fun and engaging to interact with the brands you love, but for some reason, when it comes to working on your own business, it just doesn’t feel as fun any more – does it? It feels like a chore to plan, schedule and engage with. But, the good news is, we’re here to convince you that things can be different. 

Invest some coffee-fueled hours into crafting your social media aesthetics, and watch it become a game-changer for your marketing strategy this year. And, if you find yourself struggling with graphic design, we’re here to lend a hand. Drop us a message, and let’s create some kickass graphics that not only engage but also align with your brand consistently.


In the midst of the pressure to complete vision boards and checklists, we understand that life happens. That’s okay. We just hope we’ve sparked a smidge of inspiration on how you can make strides – big and small – with your brand this year. And remember, whether it’s a full website overhaul or a fresh logo design, we’re here to help you grow. Reach out whenever you need us – you know where to find us!