Kingdom Creative

Producing Compelling Video Content that Inspires

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Kingdom Creative is an award-winning London-based video production company that makes films and video content for global brands.

Kingdom Creative website by Studio Illicit

They needed a website that would act as a comprehensive portfolio, showcasing their incredible clients as well as the stunning video content they produce.

What We Did

Exceptional video content is at the very core of what Kingdom Creative does. And that’s why we chose to place their striking visual content centre stage.

Kingdom Creative Desktop Website
Kingdom Creative Tablet Website
Kingdom Creative Mobile Website

By creating such a beautiful, clean and slick showcase, they are in a strong position to instantly draw in big-name clients.

Utilising their full-screen movies and bold imagery gave the website immediate status and impact. This meant that we were able to create a platform for Kingdom Creative that goes beyond just displaying their content, instead giving it the promotional presence it deserves.