The Terrace

Turning Web Traffic into Foot Traffic

The Terrace E-commerce Studio Illicit

The Terrace is a rooftop bar and club based in the heart of Exeter.

It is one of the largest and most popular venues in the City Centre, boasting regular live events as well as relaxed food and drink across multiple floors.

The Terrace E-commerce Studio Illicit

The Terrace wanted a complete redesign of their existing website to boost their online identity.

Looking to enhance brand awareness and emphasise their position as the leading local nightspot, The Terrace decided it was time to reinvigorate their online platform. They needed a website that reflected their identity as a unique venue in the city, whilst also making it easy for users to make reservations and enquiries.

What We Did

We designed and built a website that would let visitors know that this is the place to go.

Terrace Desktop Website
Terrace Tablet Website
Terrace Mobile Website

We came up with a design that combines powerful video content and imagery to produce a virtual tour of the venue. We also simplified the user journey, making it easy for visitors to make reservations and enquiries should they wish. The result was a slick yet fun interface, which showcased all that The Terrace has to offer, designed to draw the visitor to the best food, drink and music in town.

Awesome web designers, friendly, highly creative and organised... Love these guys!
The Terrace Team