Digital Marketing

Get noticed with our leading digital marketing specialists.

Stand up and be noticed

Creating a stand-out website is the first step of the marketing process, but people are finding that it’s the clincher. That’s why we recommend serious digital marketing effort for all of our websites.

From helping your website to rank highly on Google, to giving you a strong social media presence; we can develop the perfect marketing strategy. We also provide SEO, AdWords or Social Media campaigns as stand-alone packages.

Get access to SEO in Exeter with our specialist team of Digital Marketers who work in-house and alongside us. Trust us, it’s definitely worth investing in the experts for this one.

SEO in Devon, UK and beyond…

So you’ve got the killer website - but imagine what you could do if you could drive more people to see it? That’s what SEO does: it’s a way of increasing the number of visitors to your site by boosting your ranking on search pages.

It’s a technical job, but our consultancy works hard to keep costs down while providing all the necessary strategy and expertise, allowing you to take control of making it happen.

You can expect a full audit and clear strategy with a monthly call to help make sense of it all. We charge a clear price per month, and recommend at least three months to make a marked difference.


AdWords is another tool in your arsenal to get noticed. It’s Google’s paid advertising product which further boosts your searchability.

Using AdWords is a real art and our team are Google Partners which means they’re assessed and examined every year to ensure they’re up to date with how best to use the system. To maintain our Google Partner accreditation, at least two of our team have to sit no fewer than 8 exams each year.

This is a big deal, because it means you’re working with the best in the industry. A Google Partner is working with AdWords day in and day out, and you know they’ve received the latest training.

Social Media Marketing

Most of your potential customers will be using social media. Whether they have a personal Facebook profile, Instagram page or LinkedIn presence for their business, you’re missing a trick if you're not putting your brand in front of them.

To rise above the noise of today’s overcrowded news feeds, you need outstanding and original content. Your message needs to be interesting and your tone needs to engage your audience.

Having an active social presence is vital to growing your business, but it’s an area where outsourcing the workload is a seriously smart move.

We’ll listen to you and your customers to deliver the best social content, and we’ll shape how people perceive your brand.