Breaking Frontiers

We specialise in sustainable websites. Low carbon development means fast websites, and a better overall user experience. Our lightweight CMS and super efficient front ends, all developed in-house and from the ground up, reduce resource consumption and improve load speeds. Our sites are hosted on servers powered by 100% renewable energy.


Powering a Greener Future

Building a website with low carbon goals in mind is one thing, but we can also improve the sustainability of your existing website with some clever clean-up techniques. So whether you’re all-in for the clean and green approach, or just want to optimise your current site, we’re experts in sustainable web design. Clean websites aren’t just great for the planet either - they produce a better user experience too. So it seems obvious: we believe sustainable web development is the non-negotiable future of web design and it’s a core focus in our work.

Low Carbon as Standard

Low carbon web development is a new frontier in sustainability. ‘Digital’ may seem an abstract concept, but the internet is responsible for 4% of worldwide emissions, and that figure is set to double by 2025. Worse still, 80% of the energy used comes from fossil fuels. We have the power to change that.

Knowledge is power, and it’s always good to have a benchmark to start from. We generally advise that pages should aim for under a gram of carbon per visit and we can help you achieve this by compressing image and files sizes, optimising videos or animation and generally clearing out the clutter.

Market-leading Sustainable
Websites from Devon


A low carbon website needs a host of smart fixes. We start with the design and architecture - minimising image size and data-heavy graphics without ever compromising on style. A deliberately straightforward layout reduces aimless browsing and we use caching at all levels to eliminate unnecessary computation. Finally, the amazing CloudFlare ensures the performance of all our UK hosted sites is the same wherever the user is in the world.


Next, the development of the site is key. We use a minimal ‘headless’ WordPress CMS to run the back end, whilst the visible pages use modern, efficient protocols, only loading data when needed - happily resulting in a speedy and efficient browsing experience. This slimmed down build also makes your site agile - both in its ability to display on a number of devices, but also pull data from a virtually limitless range of sources.


Finally, our sites are hosted with Krystal, the UK’s greenest hosting provider, powered by 100% renewable energy. It’s even a non-profit organisation meaning any surplus is reinvested into protecting the planet. Just like us, they’re committed tech savvy environmentalists who are focused on producing the best product whilst supporting the environment. We think they’re fab - and we know you will too.