2013: the year of the responsive website

It’s certainly been a while since our last post – things at Illicit HQ have been very busy indeed! We’ve just put the finishing touches to two major parts of our new content management system – the blog editor and image gallery editor – while getting acquainted with a clutch of great new clients and finishing off some very exciting web design projects!

Since last year we have been working on making responsive design our standard when building websites and we’re starting to get this down to a fine art. But what is responsive design? It is an approach that optimizes the web viewing experience for the viewer – usually via the means of a flexible web page layout – that allows a website to be easliy read and navigated, no matter which device or screen size the viewer is using to look at the site. So instead of a web page of fixed dimensions, you have a fluid design that expands, contracts and shifts elements around to fit the size and shape of the screen. Moreover, responsive design minimises the need to zoom or scroll when trying to read the contents of a webpage.

The social media news site Mashable has named 2013 as the year of the responsive website – and we think they’re on the money. Their site is also a great example of responsive design. If you own a computer and a smart phone or tablet, try viewing it on both devices. You’ll see that the site fits snugly into the screen, while its articles remain legible and tidily laid out. Recent examples of our own responsive designs can be seen in Beyond Bushcraft, Baby Celebrate and Rain Nutrience.

And we have more on the way! New websites for successful session musician Mattie Miles and international charity Gracedom will be unveiled shortly.