Graphic Design in Exeter

From logos and branding to printed media, we offer top graphic design in Exeter and beyond.

Brand & Graphic Design in Exeter and Beyond

Stand up and be counted

When it’s your name above the door, it’s got to look right. We understand the importance of effective branding, so if you’re looking for someone who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries on your behalf, let’s get started.

Brand and Logo Design

We understand the importance of effective branding. A strong brand identity is the best way to be heard above the digital noise. It’s how you engage your audience and get across the essence of your business, organisation or product. It needs to grab attention, get in people’s heads and stay put. Our holistic approach to getting to the core of the ethos of your company and understanding the market you’re targeting will help you reach the perfect corporate identity.

From logo design to full brand packages, we’ll fight to save your business from ‘business as usual’.

Graphic Design

Great graphic design is at the core of every successful brand. From the birth of the brand, to printed assets, signage and marketing, killer graphics are what will make your business stand out. At Studio Illicit, we deliver stunning graphic design in Devon and beyond...

Our talented, designers right here in our Exeter studio, are perfectionists about combining striking imagery with the right clean, elegant typography to do your business justice.

And beyond…

Thanks to the unique way we work, we’ve got talented craftspeople all under one roof. Our collaborative project, Foundry 17 brings like-minded professionals together, all with the same strong creative edge and all experts in their field, perfect for moving your project forward into other areas.

So if you’re looking for printed or promotional materials or merchandise we have all the photographers, designers, illustrators, printmakers, film makers and copywriters here to give you a hand.