5 Ways To Create A Greener Office

In light of November’s COP26 summit, the reality of climate change seems to have hit even harder than it ever has before with the urgency to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees by 2030. 

We all have an important role to play in tackling the climate crisis by reducing our use of the planet’s natural resources. We have a glowing opportunity to turn our actions around by embracing our responsibility to do what we can to fight for a better future for the planet. Now. 

We’re not saying that you need to live off-grid, in a shed up in the Scottish highlands but there are some small (and big) changes that we can all make in our everyday lives, both in a professional and personal capacity, that will help make an impact! 

Offices are often subject to unsustainable practices due to employees not being as conscious about the resources their companies are using, as they aren’t physically paying for them.

As a growing company, we are always searching for new ways to contribute positively to our environment. Here are a few things we have already implemented in the workplace to help reduce our carbon footprint. 


Renewable Energy

Renewable energy, such as wind and solar power, is now the cheapest and most sustainable form of energy in most countries across the world. And with our digital world expanding at such a substantial rate, generating clean energy to power has become more important than ever. 

At the Foundry 17 Creative Hub, Studio Illicit and all our fellow businesses are powered entirely by 100% renewable energy. However, we are always looking for more ways we can introduce clean energy into our offices. So, this year we also made the switch to Krystal Hosting who run completely off clean, renewable energy to host all of our client’s websites.

Sounds complicated? Getting started is a lot easier than you think and looking at companies such as Octopus Energy and Bulb is already a bold step in the right direction! 

Check out The Carbon Trust’s Steps to energy saving: tools for SMEs.



What an obvious one right? But seriously, recycling is one of the easiest ways to protect the planet’s climate as we can reduce the amount heading to landfills and begin to re-use our abundance of manmade resources. Recycling can be as little as putting that milk carton in the general waste or recycling bin or playing an even bigger part by deciding to recycle bigger items such as old electrical equipment, like an iPhone or computer. 

Whilst never having to need to dispose of any of our tech (as of yet), our local Devon Council provide us with some great information as to how we can recycle or even up-cycle old and tired equipment! Here are some other useful resources to check out:

Advice on Food and Drink Surplus and Waste for Businesses – UK Gov.

Find out about free national recycling programmes – TerraCycle.


Offsetting Carbon

Offsetting carbon is where companies and individuals compensate for the amount of CO2 emissions they produce by investing in schemes and environmental projects around the world in order to balance out their carbon footprint. Whilst not a perfect solution, this has become an extremely popular method of businesses ‘doing their bit’ for the environment 

For approximately 5 years now, we have been tackling our CO2 emissions through Climate Care so that our carbon usage will be offset with projects including the multiple award-winning Carbon for Water Project. This project delivers safe water to more than 4.5 million people in Kenya, generating significant carbon reductions, while dramatically enhancing the health and economic circumstances of local communities.

Calculate and offset your carbon emissions now with Climate Care’s Carbon Calculator.



During the mega Illicit re-brand earlier this year, we not only gave the walls a good lick of paint but we also completely re-worked our offices by investing in a great insulation system. This was an investment empowered by our motivation to become a more energy-efficient and more environmentally responsible business. Insulation helps to keep our offices at a consistent temperature all year long by protecting them against excess heat in the summer or cold weather in the winter. 


Cycle to Work Scheme 

Changing the way we travel is up there with one of the easiest habits to change. Over the years, our governments have funded huge changes in transport, such as trains, cycle lanes, and buses so that we can use these methods as alternatives to driving to our workplaces. And if we are to be brutally honest, laziness is definitely the biggest factor when it comes to changing the way we travel. But it’s time to re-think… what is the bigger expense here? 

At Studio Illicit we offer the popular cycle to work scheme to our employees so that they get a hell of a discount on cycling equipment, but can also use this method of travel as an alternative to driving. Although, we are lucky that with most of us living in the heart of Exeter, there are so many options of public transport, so the majority of our staff opt for these means of transport instead of driving anyway! 

Find more info and resources on cycling to work, here.