Effective Alternatives to Hero Images

Hero images have become a trademark in modern web design, and while they are compelling and effective, some of the best visual websites have most recently been adopting more abstract or mobile alternatives. A truly great website immerses you, compelling you to stop and notice the details – these days the best visual websites are all about interactive, story-telling enabled visual design. Here are some examples of effective alternatives to the hero image:


A growing number of websites are bringing typography to the forefront of their web design with dramatic and compelling custom fonts. Effective typography can both relay information and act as an artistic image, enabling you to really emphasise the unique character of your site on multiple fronts. An example of this can be found on a website we recently launched for BeFitness.


Some of the best visual websites are using custom illustration to truly stand out from the crowd. Illustration can be both beautiful and functional, so is ideal for effectively communicating a brand message. Animal provides a good point of reference to demonstrate how illustration can liven up and enhance an otherwise flat design. The concept is growing in popularity due to its responsiveness across different platforms/devices.


Animation has grown from ‘cute’ decoration to one of the most effective and integral tools in modern web design. Take A Short Journey, for example, this website takes you on a journey, telling a story and engaging the visitor, as you’re guided through your platform. This creates a sense of tangibility to the whole interface, ultimately heightening the user experience.  Whether it is a landing page graphic, a scroll-triggered animation or a loading distraction, animations remove any stagnancy and have a memorable impact more lasting than a video or photograph.

3D Graphics

3D has developed from the stand-out ‘wow factor’ to an elegant and dynamic design element which can improve user experience. They provide sites with a new level of dynamism, whether that is an abstract animated header or an interactive map. With the HiddenCity website, not only do the 3D graphics entice and engage visitors, but they also succeed in conveying concepts and frameworks in more visual and tangible ways.