Cranbrook Town in Devon

Photo of Cranbrook

We are proud to announce our latest involvement with Cranbrook Town in Devon, having embarked upon the design and development of new websites for Cranbrook Education Campus and Cranbrook Town Council.

At Illicit Web Design we are delighted to have been chosen as the agency to look after these two clients.

Cranbrook is Devon’s newest town, with a refreshingly progressive council that is keen to transcend traditional UK council design approaches and embrace something contemporary that will engage the young Cranbrook population of residents and professionals.

Likewise the Ted Wragg Trust, who have given us the opportunity to develop the Cranbrook Education Campus, have a similar contemporary vision and recognise that the school websites of old won’t necessarily entice the modern user mix of web-savvy parents and teachers.

Council and educational work is relatively fresh terrain for us at IWD, and we’re feeling lucky to be involved from the outset in these new and exciting ventures, as well as having the chance to flex our creative muscles in established sectors.