Four Reasons Why Professional Web Design is Essential for Your Business

At the start of 2021, a whopping 4.66 billion users were reported to be using the internet in one form or another, so why would you risk not having a high-end website easily available to them?

Investing in a website is a great start and opens the door to a huge audience. However, to take your digital presence to the next level you’ll need a well-designed website to separate you from your competitors and grow your audience. Why? Let’s take a look… 

First Impressions

We spend the majority of our lives being told, or telling others, not to judge a book by its cover but unfortunately, this advice doesn’t stick when it comes to web design. First impressions are everything! 

When a new visitor comes across your website, an impression of your brand will be created within the first few seconds of landing on your homepage … but will your web design make them stay for more? Good web design can sometimes be overlooked but is necessary to engage your desired audience. You may offer A-class services or products, but if your site doesn’t convey this, a visitor will return to Google and find another business that does fit the bill. 

Build Trust

Having a well-designed website doesn’t just engage your audience but it builds trust with them too. In our digital world, sleek websites are interpreted as professional and therefore boost your credibility as a brand. Adding professionalism to your site enforces trust and helps customers feel safe and secure with their online purchases. 

Just remember, maximising trust maximises your chances of conversions

The Competition

The internet is more competitive than it has ever been, with Lockdown resulting in a gigantic number of businesses (around 85,000) launching online stores, in the UK alone. Investing in good web design is more important than ever. Guaranteed, that if you don’t utilise this, your competitors will. Don’t let your site design be the difference between a thriving business and one that is a flop! 

Improve SEO

Having an elegant website directly impacts your SEO, which ultimately dictates if your website is seen or not on Google. Great web design will massively improve things such as user experience and content quality which are two key factors that search engines look for when it comes to ranking your website. To put it simply, the better your web design is, the higher you’ll be ranked on Google search results, which is crucial for online success! 

So, where does that leave us? Having a website is a great way to kickstart your business online, but killer web design is the key element that will influence whether your business succeeds or not when put up against countless other websites. Investing in good web design is vital to ensure long term success, rather than finding out 6 months down the line that poor design is the reason you aren’t converting! 

Need help with your site? drop our stellar Exeter website design team a message and we will see how we can help!