How to Boss Site Safety (No PPE Needed)

Keeping your site safe and secure is vital. Not only have you likely spent a pretty penny on developing your website (while probably gaining a few grey hairs in the process), but your website is your entire business, so for your site to then be taken down by hackers or cyber thieves would be devastating, to say the least. It could even be potentially damaging to your reputation and turnover!

Scared? There’s no need because we’ve got you covered on some great ways to ensure website security!


We know all too well how hard it can be to keep track of strong passwords and their endless variations – but the fact is you’ll be kicking yourself for not carrying out best practice if your website passwords are compromised, forcing you to start over. But don’t panic because the good news is that we have a way to help minimise the risk of your passwords being hacked and to make password tracking simple.

Ready to open up your app store? Using password management apps such as LastPass are lifesavers and will allow you to generate strong, randomised passwords that will be stored in a safe, online vault that you have access to. Having LastPass under your work belt will provide huge peace of mind when needing various passwords to run your website/business whilst reducing the risk of your passwords being stolen by cyber thieves. LastPass is available to anyone who needs and wants it as it has packages ranging from free plans to more premium, paid plans. Basically, there’s no excuse for weak passwords now that we’ve spilt the beans! 


Whichever platform or plugins you are currently using to run your website, we’ll always urge you to regularly check for available updates, and when they do become available, you should update them as quickly as possible. However tempting it is to bat those update notifications away, updates are released so that you can get the best version out there, and these will almost always contain security patches and bug fixes. Think about it this way: when your site isn’t up to date, it can be vulnerable to hackers, so the clock is ticking…


With an average of 30,000 global websites being hacked every day, we understand that the pressures of keeping your website safe can be pretty overwhelming and is a job in itself to keep up with. As a duty of care to our clients, we offer a variety of packages that are designed to reduce these stresses as we offer to take on the bulk of the work so that our clients don’t have to.


Our most popular hosting package is a virtual private server (VPS) whereby we provide just one secure server that houses your site(s) with just a few other selected clients. The benefit of using our VPS is that your website isn’t sat under a ginormous cloud with huge numbers of other client sites, which can ultimately slow your site down and increase your vulnerability if even just one of those gets hacked. For our VPS we use Krystal hosting who is our fastest and most ethical host yet, and who we trust and rely on fully for our clients’ site security. We love Krystal hosting as they are a UK based company that runs on 100% renewable energy – so we can confidently keep our clients’ websites safe while sticking to our environmental and ethical ethos as a company!


Our Cerberus package is designed to relieve our clients of the maintenance of their website altogether, as we run all the monthly platform and plugin updates, routine health checks and backups in order to maintain the safety and security of a website. Honestly, the monthly maintenance of your site is the bare minimum, so if you leave it too long without carrying out any updates, this may have an adverse effect on its functionality and security. 

Want to know more about how we can help? Get in touch or visit our website over at We’ll be offering more shiny new hosting products soon, so watch this space!