How to Maximise Your Business Using Google Analytics

If you own a business and have the vision to grow and expand, you need to be using Google Analytics to help you reach your goals. Without the high-quality data provided by Google Analytics, then your guess really is as good as ours when it comes to making informed decisions on how to scale your business.


But first, what is Google Analytics?


Google Analytics is a platform that collects data from your website and apps to create reports that provide detailed insights into your business. 

It’s free to get started, and all you need to do is add a small piece of JavaScript code to each page on your website. Every time a user then visits a page, the tracking code will collect various information about your user. 

We promise Google Analytics isn’t as terrifying as it sounds, and you’d be surprised how much the average user can learn from it. Although it has complex capabilities that are enhanced by marketing professionals, don’t let this stop you from using it to understand the basics of your business with insights such as:


-Where your website visitors are coming from

-How your visitors found your website

-What website browsers your users are browsing from

-Which pages your users visit the most


And that’s just touching the surface…

Google Analytics can help you to evaluate and measure what’s really working for your business. We believe there are 5 key ways that Google Analytics helps to maximise your business:


Improve your ROI 

Data collected by Google Analytics can help you to understand which of your products or services are gaining the most traction. With this information, you can see what’s actually working for your business and react accordingly. 

You can also use this data to predict trends and manipulate your marketing strategies to help you achieve a better return on investment. 


Track Behaviour 

Now, this is important. Using your analytics, you can better understand your customer’s buying cycle, from the point of acquisition to retention. This data can help you adjust your strategy to focus on channels that are driving the most traffic and conversions and eliminate those that are not performing well.


Targeted Marketing

Google Analytics can offer assistance in devising highly-targeted marketing campaigns as it collects personalised data such as geographic location and age range, then shares this data with integrated platforms such as Google Ads Manager. This will help you to place ads in the right place, in front of the right audience, thus increasing your return on investment. 



If you are looking to get started in your SEO journey, Google Analytics will help you to understand which pages are performing the best and you can gain insights into which keywords and phrases are driving the most traffic to your site. This can help you prioritize your efforts and invest in an SEO expert to take your efforts to the next level.

We work closely with local marketing agency, The Click Hub, who specialise in using data-based approaches to help businesses punch above their weight in the ever-growing digital marketplace – we couldn’t think of a better team to develop your SEO journey! 


Informed Business Ideas

We’re not going to beat around the bush, basing your business goals on facts and figures that accurately reflect your active customer base will help you come up with ideas that are actually worth your time and effort. This will not only increase your chances of conversions, but it will set you apart from your competitors! 



So what’s the verdict? Google Analytics is an essential tool for businesses that want to maximise their potential. By providing detailed insights into user behaviour and marketing performance, Google Analytics can help businesses optimize their strategies, improve their ROI, and drive growth. 

If you need help getting started with your Analytics, our team would be happy to show you the ropes!