Social Sharing - The Key to Online Marketing

Today, social sharing sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are vital to maintaining a successful online presence. Social sharing is also a key ingredient in a website\’s SEO.

A profile page on a social sharing site will enable your business to connect with your market. By keeping visitors and potential customers up to speed with your latest news, business developments, promotions and industry-related articles, you are reaching out and raising your profile before a truly global audience.

But your social profile pages will only make a difference if they are consistently updated with fresh and buzzing content. If your page activity is left to stagnate, your visitors will lose interest, and this can impact poorly on your web presence.

At Illicit Web Design, we can source and generate quality content for your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profile pages. With frequent posts on your page, your social presence remains current, engaging, and most importantly, helps to develop potential new leads and enquiries for your business.

We offer a social campaign for just £50 a month. This includes three posts a week on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This activity can complement an SEO campaign, or taken alone, will boost the standing of your business in the world of social media.

Call us now on 01392 757 007 or email info@illicitwebdesign to see how we can help you.