The Importance of a Well-Designed Logo

Logo example

Graphic Design is at the heart of what we do at Illicit Web Design. Examples of our previous work can be found on our Portfolio page. The best logos all undergo some process of graphic design, and it is when your logo is above par that your business can be recognised as the best.

A logo is a bite-sized description of your business. Its purpose is to – in one moment – get across what your business is, what it does and its ethos. It should be recognisable, like the famous ‘Golden Arches’. This is why it is vital that a lot of time, effort and creativity goes into designing the logo. Too many businesses simply jot down a few ideas and then go with one of them. It’s true that simplicity can sometimes be your friend but that’s only when there’s deeper meaning to it.

Take the ‘Golden Arches’ again. By opting for an M, they obviously signify the company and its name. But they do more than that, arches are inviting; they are the entrance to something. Moreover, being golden they suddenly become the entry to something good or impressive. Their simplicity helps with recognition. That short example goes to show how a logo is more than just a letter or picture. It is carefully sculpted to bring out everything your business is.

This is why it can be so beneficial to invest in a good logo. When you think of the best companies their logo is one of the first things you think of; think of these examples: the Nike tick, Coca-Cola’s script, the Ford badge and the bite out of the Apple.

So let us bring your designs to life and contact us for the logo that your company deserves.