The Secret Shepherd - Website Phase One Complete

Illicit Web Design has just launched the website for The Secret Shepherd, a site of business coaching expertise run by Nick Hardy. Nick, who is based in Kent but offers his services up and down the country contacted us in Exeter as he was looking for a website that served a number of purposes. Firstly, it would showcase Nick’s business development training services: Mastermind Groups, Business Principles and Coaching/Consulting. Secondly, it would be a way for Nick to build a relationship with his online audience by enaging them through a members’ access area, videos, social media and personal information. Thirdly, the site would house numerous useful business resources, from worksheets and training videos to books and audio.

The website also required an orderly layout for the substantial amounts of content that would be included. It also needed to be highly readable, as Nick wished for those who find reading and writing difficult to access the information easily as well. We came up with a clean page structure in which large swathwes of text were broken up by modular backgrounds or eye-catching images.

The site is now live but the project isn’t over! Illicit Web Design will be developing an online shop, an online bookings system and advanced membership system, and for the back end, customer relationship management and content managemtent systems so that Nick can keep his website fresh and his members up to date with new developments and offers. There is therefore a lot more than meets the eye here but we’re looking thoroughly forward to embarking on the next stage of the journey wioth Nick.