6 Innovative Ways to Use Video on Your Website

Video is a powerful and often under-used digital tool. Videos, from website background video to blogs, can increase engagement with your website exponentially – much more so than written or audio information. Studies show that blogs which include video get three times as many inbound links as blogs without (source). It isn’t very difficult to incorporate website background video into your platform, and it adds another level of authenticity and credibility to your brand. Here are six innovative ways to use video on your website:

Tell your business’s story

Video is a great way to introduce yourself and your business to customers. Not only does it catch people’s attention, but it increases engagement and adds a personal touch to the site. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your video, and take advantage of it to create a cohesive and powerful image for your brand.

Banner videos

Banner videos on landing or home pages are a highly effective form of website background video. Banner videos can often be very cinematic and help to create an immersive online experience. Not to mention they help you to stand out from the crowd. Not convinced? Just take a look at this website we did for The Terrace.

“Behind-the-scenes” video

Behind-the-scenes videos are not groundbreaking per se, but they are a tried and true way of connecting with visitors to your site and creating the feeling of a shared experience and trust. Behind-the-scenes videos give visitors an insight into the workings of your company and tell a story that viewers then want to become a part of.


There is nothing quite so effective for promoting a business, product or service as a viral video. There is no one way to be “viral” except think outside the box. Strive to be funny/clever/outrageous and most importantly, authentic, then watch your video boost your brand to new heights.  


Whether you are a self-contained brand or a big business, vlogs are a personal and more in-depth form of video to connect with your customers, especially returning customers, on an ongoing basis. Vlogs are ideal for keeping customers engaged after the initial purchase and for fostering brand loyalty through simple but fun personal videos.

Customer testimonials, success stories or case studies

Case studies and customer testimonials are incredibly powerful forms of video to encourage customers to buy your product/service. They are straightforward and easy to make, plus 52% of customers say that watching a video makes them more confident with a purchase (source).