Killer Content: Copywriting Tips for Your Website

Having a killer website content strategy can be one of the strongest marketing tools in your arsenal. With too many content-lazy sites on the internet, you can easily get ahead of the competition with well-planned and even better-written content.

Content should knock the socks off your readers

We’ve all heard it: “engage people”.

But we’re not interested in doing things by half measures. Engagement isn’t about keeping people reading until the end of an article. It’s about immersing readers in your brand identity, getting them on board with your passions and convincing them that there is simply no option other than your stunningly good product or service.

It’s a conversation, but one that you can craft to perfection before getting it out to the public. The perfect sales pitch, you could say. From your choice of language to how you present copy on the page, it all counts.

Cut the jargon. Ditch any insecurity in your product and forget about that one negative review you got three years ago. With a great website content strategy, you have the chance to present your business to fresh eyes every day – people who are looking for information you can provide. It’s the perfect opportunity! If they’ve found their way to your site, you’d be mad to throw away a great sales lead at the eleventh hour.

Keep the lights on with regular content

The last thing you want is people landing on-site only to leave with the impression you’ve shut up shop. Nothing says a business has conked out quite like a blog page full of out-dated content.

The signs need to be there, like lights in a window. In those first few seconds when a reader lands on your site, you need to demonstrate that your business is not only alive but thriving. If your website doesn’t make them feel like royalty, they’ll click off and find somewhere that does.

Your website content strategy can fix all manner of sins. Write content that engages the reader on issues they care about: public events, industry insights, tips and tricks, as well as exciting opportunities for them to enter competitions or gain something free from your content offerings.

Clear titles, themes that build on your competitors’ blogs, and fiercely engaging content are the key factors to consider. In the age of endless scrolling, winning yourself a reader starts with the vibe they get from the page as a whole. Don’t expect them to stick around if you haven’t worked your socks off to keep them there.


Search engine optimisation may sound dull, but doing it well can revive dead sites, boost readership and make you all happy bunnies when the sales start rolling in.

Your website content strategy needs to keep SEO in mind. Keywords should trump your competitors, titles should revolve around what people are searching, and content should make the reader thankful they found you. Once you start performing well on these aspects, search engines will love your site even more. Get on top of this for a huge advantage over your competitors.

You don’t have to go it alone

At Illicit, we’ve got a fantastic team of copywriters on hand. Lending their research and writing talents, they create the content your business needs to take things up a notch. No subject is too difficult, no site too big, and no business too niche. Your brand is safe in our hands.

Your website content strategy.

Neglecting your website content strategy is out of the question. Whack the lights on and give your readers what they want to hear: something relevant and exciting. Regular content is a sure-fire way of demonstrating that you’re a strong, reputable business.

Get in touch with us if you want to find out more about our copywriting team and what they can do to spice up your website content strategy.