What are Bespoke Systems?

While out-of-the-box solutions have their place, and are a great web development option for new businesses, they’re not always ideal for more mature clients. Instead, bespoke systems are used by top-level developers to build from the ground up. Here we are taking a look at some examples of bespoke systems and how they can be used to take a site’s functionality to the next level.

Defining Bespoke Systems

Bespoke systems are customised software solutions designed to meet specific needs and requirements of businesses, as opposed to ready-to-go, off-the-shelf systems. Truthfully, while off-the-shelf solutions have their place, they often fall short in addressing the unique challenges faced by modern businesses. That’s where bespoke systems come into play. 


Some examples of bespoke systems (which we also happen to specialise in) are intranet development, API development, and CRM integration. Here’s a little more about those systems:

Our Bespoke Systems

Intranet Development

Bespoke intranet systems provide businesses with a secure and private website that serves key content exclusively to its users. These systems are access-restricted to specific companies within an organisation, offering relevant and personalised information. 


This is exactly what we provided for Oxygen House, a group that invests in businesses and tech that are working towards environmental rebalance. For this client, we created a secure and private website that serves key content to its logged-in users. This is access restricted to specific companies within Oxygen House for relevant information such as events, news, marketplace items for sale, image galleries, marketing and HR resources, and so much more!


This bespoke solution enables Oxygen House to efficiently distribute information among its member companies, facilitating seamless collaboration, resource sharing, and internal communication. (It also doesn’t hurt that we power Oxygen House’s website with 100% renewable energy!)

API Development

API development is another of the bespoke systems we offer, and one that has a range of applications for different clients. APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) serve as bridges that allow different software applications to communicate and share data with each other. 


By utilising APIs, businesses can integrate various functionalities and services into their systems seamlessly, enhancing user experiences, automating processes, and streamlining operations. 


We harness the power of APIs to develop flexible and customizable solutions for our clients, such as Search Expander, a company that creates beautiful, customisable widgets for search engines. Search Expander asked us to develop their service from the ground up, something we were more than happy to do. This included widget development, API design and dashboard creation as well as subscription payments and server configuration. 


The use of APIs resulted in an flexible admin interface that enables search engine owners to add fully configurable knowledge panels, instant answers and other widgets to the search results page. 

CRM Integration

A customer relationship management (or CRM) system is used to manage customer data.  CRM integration plays a vital role in optimising business processes and enhancing customer relationship management. By integrating bespoke systems with CRM software, businesses can streamline their sales and marketing efforts, improve their data management, and enhance customer experiences.


Our client World Extreme Medicine, the world’s leading provider of medical training and support in extreme location, needed a feature-rich website with huge functionality, from selling courses and conference tickets to membership subscriptions and exclusive resources, all of which results in a huge amount of sales data.


We used custom code and API to integrate their new website with their Freshworks CRM, sending all their sales data into segmented marketing lists. This allowed World Extreme Medicine to centralise their customer data and improve their overall marketing strategies. 


Bespoke systems offer tailored solutions for businesses that need to address specific challenges, which in today’s landscape is most businesses. Bespoke systems such as intranet development, API development, and CRM integration provide companies with customised software solutions that optimise their operations and reach new levels of functionality, and ultimately, a much better UX.


Our expert team provides cutting edge website design from our Exeter studio. If you think a bespoke system might be right for your business, then you can read more about what we offer on our bespoke systems service page, or please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.