Why Your Website NEEDS an SSL Certificate 

Even with an SSL certificate, no website is impervious to attack. But it sure helps reduce the risks. What is an SSL certificate, exactly? Well, SSL certificates are small data files which protect a website’s data by securing communications so that all the web traffic between a web server and browser is encrypted. It protects your own data but also that of users browsing your website from hackers, identity thieves, imposters and the like. With an SSL certificate, the information you send to the server is completely private between the two parties.


SSL certificates are a very important for SEO, too, because it shows users how secure your website is and gives them the confidence needed to submit sensitive details or make purchases. This is especially vital for e-commerce sites as you want your customers to trust your business with information like your address and credit details. According to research, the majority of online shoppers will leave a website if they don’t think it is secure. SSL certificates don’t just generate trust with visitors to your website, according to an announcement Google made in 2014, the search engine actually prefers websites that are secure and ranks them more highly.


How can you tell if a site is secure? Most often, the browser bar will turn green, the URL will start with https:// instead of http:// and a padlock icon will be displayed next to the URL.


There are different types of SSL certificates:


  • Single – secures a single domain or sub-domain
  • Wildcard – secures one domain and all of its subdomains
  • Multi-Domain – secures multiple domain names


The good thing is that installing an SSL certificate is a very simple and time efficient process! Plus, as of next year, Studio Illicit will be ensuring EVERY website we work on has an SSL certificate in place. If you have any questions or comments about how you can increase your site’s security and get it hooked up with an SSL certificate, drop us a line.