What’s Happening at Foundry 17?

Exeter’s bright, shiny and super-contemporary workspace is movin’ on up in the world of 21st-century offices. With expansions and improvements galore, Foundry 17 Exeter is the place for all you entrepreneurial souls – it’s what you need to give your business the best chance of success.

Foundry 17 started off five years ago, home to three niche agencies who banded together. Permanent fixtures of the Foundry Family are search and social wizards, The Click Hub, independent, quality screen printers, Broadside Screen Printing, and yours truly, Studio Illicit, the South West’s web-design masters (if we do say so ourselves).


And it’s expanding!

There’s now room for more in our table-tennis-playing, coffee-drinking, music-making crew, and that’s where the expansion comes in. Foundry 17 is found in Exeter’s wacky and wonderful McCoy’s Arcade. With bright open space, Foundry 17 has officially laid down its new roots (and new floorboards).

The sexy new shared workspace holds the potential for entrepreneurial greatness in its metaphorical hands. With a state-of-the-art work pod for chilled meetings or motivated work sessions, as well as a new space for longer-term dedicated desks, Foundry 17 Exeter is building up the options for every business, big or small.

Not sure your business is ready for a full-blown office? This is your answer. Foundry 17 Exeter has dedicated desks with all-hours access – you get all the space, WiFi, coffee and printing you could ever need. It’s perfect for anyone partial to a little four-in-the-morning accounting, or all-nighters when you’re preparing for that big pitch. Freedom! What a prospect.


Careers. They may take our lives, but they will never take our freedom.

We’re strong believers in the collaborative, open workspace.

The difference between a soul-suckingly dull office and the open, bright proportions of Foundry 17 Exeter is epic. Not only is there shedloads more collaboration and creativity flying around, but an open workspace can be great for mental health too.


Our take.

We love being here at Foundry 17 Exeter (and we’re not being paid us to say that).

As well as the lovely people and the stylish, modern interiors, the best part is that Foundry 17 is a shared working space. While you’ll have your own designated area, there is plenty of opportunity to socialise with, and learn from, the other creative souls working here. And as well as presenting new options for the online and physical scope of your brands, being around others will help you to think bigger and get inspired to be braver in your business decisions.

The next step in your business journey can be found about halfway down Fore Street, where one small arcade has the power to present the opportunities of epic proportions. Next time you’re coming past, pop in, have a look around and find out what Foundry 17 Exeter could offer your business.