Why Would I Need a Web Designer?

The internet is a wonderful learning tool – you can find tutorials and “How-to” videos at every turn. It’s even possible to learn how to build your very own website. This sounds like an easy fix for a company looking to break into the world of online marketing at minimal cost. Don’t be fooled though. Learning to code your website is one of those instances where it isn’t as easy as it looks and there are a few traps into which many individuals fall.

The Time Trap

There is a great difference between the basics of coding and knowing enough code to have a fully functioning, responsive website. Whilst there are many places promising to ‘teach you code in a day’, it will take considerably longer to learn a decent website. For small business owners, this valuable time could be far better spent increasing sales and maintaining customer relations.

The Debugging Trap

When a problem does emerge – which, unfortunately, nine out of ten times, it will – it can be extremely difficult to fix it. ‘Debugging’ – the process of finding faults in your own code – can be almost impossible. Often, you correct one line and, instead of fixing the problem, you can make everything a lot worse. Many web designers have to tell their potential client that it would be cheaper to start again than to untangle the well meaning but incorrect code.

The Overly Simplistic Trap

What most people don’t realise is that a web designer doesn’t just do the work; they also bring a vast wealth of experience and creative know-how. Even if you’re able to put together a website which works on all devices, you might be selling yourself (and your product) short by missing effective and eye-catching design and operating features. Self-designed websites, for example, often have low SEO scores – not great, if you want high levels of traffic on your site. A web designer can bring in that knowledge and give your website that vital edge over your competitors.

We’re not trying to say don’t learn to code. We love it and we think everyone should give it a go. But, if you’re selling yourself, your services or your product online, don’t you want the platform you’re selling from to be the absolute best it can be? Sometimes the initial cost of hiring a quality web designer will far outweigh the potential costs of having a bad website which needs fixing later on down the line.

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